Sign up for an Anonymous VPS and Make Secure Crypto Payments

Sign up for an Anonymous VPS and Make Secure Crypto Payments

Discover the steps to successfully register for a confidential virtual private server (VPS) hosting service and complete the payment using cryptocurrency. This comprehensive article will provide you with valuable insights and instructions on achieving anonymity in the VPS hosting world while ensuring secure transactions through digital currencies. Uncover the secrets of anonymous VPS server sign-up and explore the seamless integration of crypto payments, guaranteeing your privacy and convenience.

Create an account at Crypadvise

To initiate the process, visit the website and proceed with the registration of a discreet account. During this registration phase, we uphold strict privacy standards and refrain from soliciting any personal details apart from your email address.

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Once the registration is successfully finalized, you will gain access to your account and be automatically logged in.

Choose your anonymous VPS

After completing the registration and login process, the next step is to select the ideal anonymous VPS alternatives that suit your requirements. Navigate to the "Servers" section and proceed to "Buy first server now" or just click to "Buy Servers" to initiate the exploration of available options.


Hosting Providers

When it comes to selecting a hosting provider, you are presented with three distinct options. Let's delve into the unique features of each provider:

Digital OceanVultrLinode
Absence of DDoS protectionLack of DDoS protectionInclusion of DDoS protection
Unrestricted data transferApplicable transfer overages
Unlimited data transfer
Availability of backups
Availability of backups
Availability of backups

Carefully consider the attributes of each provider to make an informed decision that aligns with your specific hosting needs.

Range of VPS Options


Embark on your VPS journey with a selection of three fundamental options: BASIC, BASIC AMD, and BASIC INTEL, which serve as excellent starting points. If you're uncertain about the potential traffic and attention your website may receive, opt for VPS 1 as an ideal choice.

For those seeking enhanced performance, the CPU-OPTIMIZED and CPU-OPTIMIZED 2X SSD packages offer superior server resources, including expanded CPU capabilities, increased RAM, and amplified SSD disk space. Additionally, both these packages come with the added benefit of two dedicated IP addresses.

Our repertoire also includes plans with even greater resources, boasting a 1 Gbit connection port and fortified with DDOS protection. These VPS options rival some basic dedicated server alternatives, offering unparalleled performance and reliability.

Datacenter Regions and Image Options for Your VPS

Once you've reached this stage, it's time to select a datacenter region that best suits your needs. Choose from the following options:

New York
San Francisco
Frankfurt am Main

Additionally, you have the opportunity to customize your VPS with a suitable image. Consider the following options available:

CentOSDebianUbuntuAlmaLinuxRocky Linux:
CentOS 7 x64
CentOS Stream 8 x64
CentOS Stream 9 x64
Debian 11 Image
Debian 10 Image
Ubuntu 20.04 x86
Ubuntu 18.04 x86 image
Ubuntu 22.10 (LTS) x64
Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS) x64
AlmaLinux 8
AlmaLinux 9
Rocky Linux 8.7 x64
Rocky Linux 9.1 x64

Carefully consider your preferences and requirements to ensure optimal performance and compatibility for your VPS.

Opt for either selecting an existing SSH key or incorporating a new one to utilize with your server.

Once you have made your decision, click on the "+ ADD FUNDS" button, which will seamlessly redirect you to the payments page.

Make your payment using cryptocurrency to ensure the anonymity of your VPS purchase. Once you review the order summary, you will be directed to the payment selection page.


Choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies available, agree to the terms and conditions, and finalize your order. Following this step, you will be directed to the Invoice page, displaying the comprehensive summary of your final order. To proceed with the payment, click on the "Pay Now" button located in the upper right corner, which will redirect you to the dedicated payment page.

To initiate the payment process, you have two options. Firstly, you can utilize your mobile wallet to scan the QR code provided. Alternatively, you can select the "Copy" button to manually transfer the indicated amount to the wallet address displayed on the payment page. Please note that you have a time frame of 5 minutes to complete the payment.


Upon successful receipt of your order, our team will promptly process it within a maximum timeframe of 1 hour. Once processed, we will swiftly forward the details of your anonymous VPS to you, ensuring a seamless and timely delivery of the service.