The Importance of Choosing the Right Server Location

The Importance of Choosing the Right Server Location

When it comes to VPS and dedicated server rental services, hosting providers typically allow customers to select the physical location of their servers. In this article, we will discuss the significance of server geolocation and explain why choosing the appropriate location is crucial.

How Geolocation Affects Your Server Performance 

When mentioning a specific city hosting a hosting provider's equipment, it implies that the provider is utilizing a particular data center equipped with advanced engineering equipment. The facility comprises permanent and backup power supply systems, air conditioning and climate control systems that maintain an optimal temperature of around 22°C, and security systems ranging from fire detection sensors to video surveillance cameras. 

A credible data center partners with various backbone providers that provide high-speed Internet connectivity. To ensure this, they offer dedicated and publicly available Internet networks with broad bandwidths, and all channels are redundant to minimize the chances of clients experiencing access issues.

As the city where the data center is located becomes more developed and its network infrastructure more complex, it becomes more advantageous for businesses. A higher level of civilization is an extra motivation for capital inflows and investments, and data centers endeavor to provide ideal conditions for server security and fault tolerance.

Selecting the right server location is crucial as it has a significant impact on various aspects in the long term, considering the above factors:

Page loading speed 

A study reveals that approximately 30% of internet users are not willing to wait for more than 10 seconds for a website to load. Therefore, reducing page loading time is vital. The location of the server affects website loading speed since the speed of light is not infinite. If the target audience is in the US, it is better to rent a VPS located in Seattle or Ashburn than in Nigeria. Developers of online games should also choose a server location closer to the players to minimize ping and delay.

Privacy of personal data 

It is essential to consider the personal data protection policies of data centers and local laws while selecting a server location. If you want to ensure the privacy of personal data or distribute content that is not permitted in some countries, it is wise to rent a server in a country that has a favorable legal climate for long-term business development.

Search engine optimization

Although search algorithms are not precisely known, experienced professionals have observed that hosting servers in developed European countries has a positive effect on website rankings. Google tends to show resources located in the user's country or nearby countries first, increasing the relevance of search results. Therefore, selecting the appropriate server location is essential if SEO optimization plays a significant role in your business.


The server location can also impact the cost of hosting. Some countries may offer more affordable hosting plans than others. Thus, it is necessary to consider the cost implications when choosing a server location.

Technical support 

Server location can also affect the quality of technical support available. Choosing a server location with reliable and responsive technical support can save time and prevent website downtime.

What services does Сrypadvise provide?

Сrypadvise offers VPS and dedicated servers that can be quickly set up and easily scaled to any level. We have partnerships with multiple data centers, providing customers access to various locations:

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